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Science working behind

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra

Q. How this mantra(prayer) affects human body? What are the effects?

A. Since the time humanbeing takes birth till he dies, he faces more or less, big or small, problems and obstacles in life. To overcome those problems and win obstacles, Hindu saints shown us the way of mantras. The one of them, popular mantra is Gayatri mantra. Here are points given on the effects of this mantra on humanbody and how it works.

Lord KRISHNA has said to the extent, "In all mantras, I am Gayatri mantra."  Means singing Gayatri mantra means to pray Lord KRISHNA.

The power of this mantra was explained by Lord RAM to his younger brother Laxman, and by Bhishmapitamah to Kaurav and Pandav.

People are now becoming aware of the magic of this mantra, their faith in it is increasing day by day and by singing it they are releasing tension, acheiving success in life. The goal of Gayatri mantra is to make the sense sharp and powerful due to which birth of human becomes successful. The daily and constant singing of this mantra shurely improves human's physical and mental health, and he can achive what ever he wishes(good wishes). It also takes out and expands the secret power of human mind, which is still not experienced by any normal human in kaliyug and morden scientists are yet not succeded to find it.

Only this is the mantra which is mixture of stuti(prayer), dhyan(yoga) and vandana(prayer asking for help to god). It can be divided in

This way there are three parts of Gayatri mantra which are the symbols of five elements - ???, water, ???, sky, wind). It is more useful to sing this mantra  at dawn, noon and evening time because energy of Sun according to its movement, gives right way to sense in these moments. Same way Gayatr mantra can be sung at any time, but if it is sung at bed time, wake up time, before and after having lunch/dinner,  than its great for human's development. It helps to cevelop/increase concentration, patience, good mood.

Scientific principal on which this mantra works: Upasna(practice at above said times) of this mantra, stops heart attack and saves upasak(practitinor) from sudden death. So it is also a life saver mantra.

Our mind, knowledge, senses, and body have a centre from where they are controlled. From the root of this centre, there are 24 ??? comes out which actually controls the whole body. In Gayatri mantra also, there are 24 leeters. The singing of mantra creates air vibration, which magically affects those 24 ???. The mild vibrations created on the systematic pronouncation of this mantra can be heard from the 24 parts of the body. From those mild vibrations, ??? gets energy and they work nonstop and human can achive success in what he wishes. Human body contins Yogic centres, Chakras and Glands which remain inactive in general. Gayatri mantra is formed in such a way that its one by one letter attacks on those glands. And these glands are belived to be the source of energy of human body. So due to the activastion of these glands, awakeing yogic centres and chakras, sadhak(singer of mantra) can achive mental and physical both the energies.

Germany's one scientist has prooved by experiments that in the voice of men vibrations are of 175 types, in women's voice 225 types and in ??? voice 500 types. This way the vibration of all letters is of different types. But the surprising thing is if Gayatrimantra is sung with South Indian style(rhythm), than its pronouncation we hear are of 700 types. Which greatly affects our unconsious and consious mind.

Writter by: Mumbai Samachar newspaper